Nicole Kidman Talks Keith Urban and No Photo Rule to Protect Their Children (Video)

January 6, 2015

Nicole Kidman spoke about how she and her husband, country music superstar Keith Urban protect their children by disallowing fan photos. It was among the topics the Oscar-winning actress and ‘Paddington’ star addressed in an interview on the Today Show.

Nicole Kidman is among the stars of the movie ‘Paddington’ based on the iconic and much beloved teddy bear character of the same name in the Michael Bond series of children’s books. In promoting the comedy, she made a stop at the famed Studio 1A of the Today Show for a chat with anchor Matt Lauer.

She spoke about what it has been like for her coping with global fame which goes back many years. When asked if she would trade it away, she said quite assertively, “No,” and she went on to say, “It’s been an extraordinary journey, my life. From a little girl who grew up in Sydney and sort of watched the Academy Awards on TV when I was just 7 years old. To have actually come that whole distance is extraordinary.”

As the discussion continued she spoke of the added challenges of that fame, now that she and her husband have two small children, six-year-old Sunday and four-year-old Faith. She spoke about the couple’s firm rule against taking photos with fans when they have their children in tow. She said, “Our kids don’t understand what we do. So for them, it’s just, ‘Why is this stranger taking a photo of you?” And it’s very discombobulating for them.”

She went on to speak of their home life in Nashville, purposefully away from the glare and glitz of Los Angeles, saying, “”We have a very easy, warm, peaceful life. I think that’s something that I always wanted.”

Nicole Kidman graces the screen, as noted, in ‘Paddington’ and she did also speak of her role in the movie, as the villain, no less. She portrays the frightening and malevolent Millicent Clyde, a taxidermist on the prowl and a threat to Paddington and all such living creatures in the highly anticipated comedy.

You can watch the full video of Nicole Kidman’s interview below.

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