Angelina Jolie Talks ‘Unbroken,’ Directing Brad Pitt in ‘By the Sea’ in Post-Chickpox Interview (Video)

January 3, 2015

Angelina Jolie talked about her movie, ‘Unbroken,’ what it was like directing husband Brad Pitt in ‘By the Sea’ during their honeymoon and more in her first post-chickenpox interview. She spoke with Al Roker of the Today Show on these and other topics.

The television interview marked the Oscar-winning actress and director’s first since her inauspicious absence due to a case of chicken pox which she herself called “absurd” in reflection. It certainly was a most inconvenient illness as her second feature film, ‘Unbroken,’ the much anticipated biopic of the World War II hero and Olympic champion Louis Zamperini. Sadly, he passed away at age 97 months before the movie’s premiere.

While much was made of Angelina Jolie’s absence at the movie’s premiere, so too much was made over her stand-ins at the world premiere of ‘Unbroken,’ namely her husband Brad Pitt and three of the couple’s children; 13-year-old Maddox, 13, Pax, 11, and Shiloh, eight.

She told Al Roker, “It was really fun that my kids took the mantle. They took it very seriously when I said, ‘You’ve got to represent mom.'”

But the unusual appearance — and indeed utter charm — of the family on the red carpet was not without its media hiccup so to speak. Major media and social media alike did also seize upon the Shiloh’s mannish attire; she wore a suit and a tie. Thus with her short blond hair to boot her gender was a bit unclear. In a society still uncomfortable with gender bending and androgyny — thus an incessant need for such labels — this uproar was not surprising.

Thus Al Roker took it upon himself to muse, “‘I loved Shiloh wearing the suit and tie.’

To which Angelina Jolie replied, “She had Louis’ shoe on, that he won in 1940,” referring to the late Zamperini whom she spoke glowingly of earlier in the interview. He had appeared alongside her in interviews prior to his death and the two had developed a close friendship. She said of him, “‘I loved him so much. He was really one of the funniest people you’d ever meet. So full of life. So aware of the hardest aspects of life.”

There is also that other hot button topic that’s been much discussed; Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt famously spent their honeymoon shooting ‘By the Sea’ which is the story of an unhappily married couple and in previous interviews, Angelina Jolie has offered some mordant humor on these highly unusual circumstances. After all, for the most devoted of film scholars who might scour the annals of Hollywood movie history would be hard pressed to find a similar circumstance.

She said of the experience, “As a director, you want to help your actor; as a wife, you really want to help your husband. So you want everything to be right for them. But there’s something we found which is if you work with the person you love and trust most in this world, it’s pretty great.”

She also commented on home and family life, always a topic of curiosity. A mother of six, an actress, a director and a humanitarian, yes, many proverbial irons in the fire. She offered a critique of her own cooking skills, saying, “I’m one of those people, I can learn this random exotic meal — a really interesting Afghan dish with eggplant — but I don’t know how to make basic spaghetti.”

You can also see Angelina Jolie’s full interview in the video below.

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