Khloe Kardashian Talks Lamar Odom Divorce and Being Single Again

December 29, 2014

Khloe Kardashian covers Cosmopolitan UK and opens up on a variety of topics including her pending divorce from Lamar Odom and what it’s like being single again. She also posed for a sultry photo spread for the magazine.

The 30-year-old ‘KUWTK’ star graces the cover slightly more than a year from the date that she filed for divorce from the 35-year-old NBA star Lamar Odom.

Yes, a whole year has gone by, and no doubt, for Khloe Kardashian it has seemed like a much longer year than it has for fans and for the celebrity watching crowd in general which perhaps is used to such long, drawn out legal proceedings.

But in her candid interview with Cosmopolitan UK foremost Kardashian’s mere words remind us that this is real life, not “reality television.” The pain and heartache are not staged for cameras.

She laments, “”By the time I hit that age I thought I would have kids and still be married.” She went on to add, “But because that’s not the way it went, you can’t sit in a ball and cry. I had a husband, so I think there’s an adjustment period, which I don’t want to rush. Dating is so weird. But I’m happy – I moved into my new house, which is the first time I’ve owned a home on my own. It’s a big step and my brother lives with me – I’m so happy about that.”

And of course, it wasn’t just any old house, so to speak. Its previous occupant was somewhat notorious.

She said, “I bought Justin Bieber’s house… He had like this nook under the stairs which I didn’t need so I covered it up. When I ran into him he was like ‘What did you do with the nook? I used to go in there and play video games.’ When I told him it was gone he was so upset, I didn’t think this 20-year-old boy would even care!”

But regardless of the past occupant, the point remains she is in a house on her own without male companionship, let alone a husband. Of that she said, “I don’t crave sex. I talked about it more openly when I was married because it’s more comfortable. I crave companionship – I just want to cuddle. I got married at 25 – I was young, but I loved it. I do like it when you save certain things for your marriage. I don’t think you should treat every guy you’re dating like your husband. It doesn’t make it special.”

It was last December that she filed for divorce, and naturally, it was TMZ which obtained the legal documents at the time, thus establishing that we were dealing in fact rather than the endless speculation that led up to the cold reality of court papers.

She hired the high power celebrity divorce attorney Laura Wasser as she attempts to put an end to the four-year marriage which played out on reality television on the couple’s own terms at first, and later, as it began to unravel, it became the stuff of tabloid headlines and social media chatter.

The story of the divorce is not yet over, as TMZ is back on the beat noting that Khloe Kardashian has been unable to locate him to serve papers. Perhaps in another year, as she graces another magazine cover, the story will take a different, and more favorable turn.

The full interview plus the tastefully sexy pictures (no “breaking” the Internet like a certain sister of hers named Kim Kardashian….) can be seen here.

Pictures: PR Photos

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