Justin Bieber Has a Cameo in Poo Bear’s ‘Work For It’ Music Video, featuring Tyga

December 27, 2014

Justin Bieber has drawn notice for a cameo appearance in Poo Bear’s music video for ‘Work for It’ which features Tyga. The minor role in the hitmaker’s video has been Bieber’s first such appearance in a music video in quite some time and it’s not gone unnoticed.

As they say, what a difference a year makes. In the case of Justin Bieber, it’s not been a noteworthy difference unfortunately. It was a year ago that his concert movie, ‘Believe’ opened in theaters on Christmas Day, to tepid reviews and low box office returns. This followed his Music Mondays which saw the release of a new song every week for ten weeks.

It was also on Christmas eve last year that Justin Bieber caused quite a stir when he Tweeted that he was “officially retiring.” Those were in retrospect fortuitous words.

He makes headlines now for behavior that puts him on the wrong side of the law or for speculation on his latest girlfriend(s) or for what may or may not be happening with on-again-off-again girlfriend Selena Gomez.

But we’ve not heard new music from the teen pop music sensation who has been seen instead in mugshots and jail surveillance video and deposition video. Quite a contrast. But as his Christmas present this time around, it was not a feigned retirement, but instead, he bought himself a himself a private jot, a G6, and posted numerous photos on Instagram with his much-too-large-to-wrap gift.

But new music from Justin Bieber, ah, not so much. Hence the interest as he graces the small screen even though the song is not his own. The multi-Grammy winning Poo Bear is indeed the solo artist in this romantic R&B slow jam, as he takes to proverbial front stage center as the latest producer to become a solo artist. This after years of producing hits for such artists as Usher and Chris Brown. The guest artist is rapper Tyga.

So where does that leave Justin Bieber? Well, he is a bit player, but it is a memorable bit. For those who are watching the video in hopes of seeing him, he arrives at the 2:30 mark and goes through a fitting of some fine and costly clothing, and though he does not sing, he does strike some poses that remind us of the days long ago when he was the reigning teen idol on the planet and many were screaming just for him.

Well, as was the case with Miley Cyrus as a bit player in one’s video — notably in Future’s ‘Real and True’ which saw her as a naked alien — so it is with Poo Bear’s ‘Work for It.’ Justin Bieber has racked up views and driven publicity. And not least, for those in the know, there are plenty of other cameos including Soulja Boy, Ashley Joi, DeStorm Power and quite a few others. Yes, but it’s one particular cameo that’s grabbed the attention.

You can see the full clip that’s cause all of the fuss below!

Pictures: PR Photos

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