Amy Adams, SNL Host: Review Roundup, Video Highlights Christmas Holiday Episode

December 21, 2014

Amy Adams was the host of the Saturday Night Live Christmas episode. Find out what the critics say of the Oscar-nominated actress’ turn at the annual holiday frolicking and festivities on the famed Studio 8H stage. Check out video highlights and a review roundup below.

Yes, last year we had Justin Timberlake and Jimmy Fallon, the indefatigable duo and stars of many a viral video. Needless to say, a hard act to follow for anyone. But it was Amy Adams with the dubious honor of such. Given the events of the week, the annual holiday edition of Saturday Night Live could have skipped Christmas altogether or, even better, create mashup upon mashup of holiday cheer and Sony hacking horror and so forth. Naturally, SNL chose the latter route to our delight if not edification.

What better way to start then with famed SNL alum Mike Myers as Dr. Evil hijacking the cold open to take issue with both Sony, victims of a massive hacking that’s seen them cancel the release of ‘The Interview’ as well as the alleged perpetrators of same, North Korea. His beef? They both give evil a bad name! Meyers gave a wildly over-the-top performance such as the world needs for this rather unprecedented and still unfolding news story.

From there we were whisked straight to the opening monologue as Amy Adams tries to sing some holiday songs and, surprise of surprises (not!) her monologue is crashed. It’s not an “if” it’s just a matter of who and this time it was SNL alum Kristin Wiig.

Along the way there were many Christmas and holiday spoofs, not least, ‘Serial,’ the wildly popular podcast had its rightful segment, perhaps long overdue from the perspective of fans.

With One Direction in the house as musical guests for the third time, there opportunity to usher them into a skit was not lost. The full lineup of 1D found themselves on the recurring “Girlfriends Talk Show” skit.

So what did the critics have to say of all of this? Here’s a roundup.

“…While this episode was definitely a comedown from recent highlights like the Woody Harrelson and Cameron Diaz one-two punch, it was by no means a train wreck. Any weak sketches we can attribute to a cast and crew ensconced in both end-of-the-year and third-show-in-a-row malaise. Look for all involved to come back swinging when the show returns with Kevin Hart in January….” — Vulture

“….[Amy] Adams has skills, is what I’m trying to get at, and she brought her various talents and utter willingness to be silly to everything she did tonight—even if the episode lost sight of her from time to time. …” — AV Club

“….Even with tempered expectations and the addition of some special guests—one of whom was truly a surprise—the outing was a low energy one. Adams was eager to show off her Enchanted pipes, but wasn’t given material that would yield a standout performance and she mostly blended into the ensemble. …..” —

“….Overall, this was a solid show overall that made us laugh at times, but probably is the weakest Christmas show in a while. There surprisingly wasn’t that much Christmas, or that much Amy Adams, in here overall. Grade: B-…..” — Carter Matt

See the video highlights below from last night’s show below!

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