Nicki Minaj ‘The Pinkprint’ Album Review Roundup

December 17, 2014

Nicki Minaj’ new album is ‘The Pinkprint.’ Music critics are weighing in and making their pronouncements on her latest solo musical endeavor. Find out what they have to say.

The new album is Nicki Minaj’s third studio album. While she had not been a globally known music artist for all that long, she has racked up many record sales both as a solo artist as well as a favorite featured artist on the tracks of many others.

But this time around, Nicki Minaj is the one who has gathered a bevy of notable guest artists including Beyonce, in their much anticipated first musical collaboration. other notables include both Chris Brown and Drake (although these two with often-tabloid worthy tiffs are not on the same track together) as well as Lil Wayne, Ariana Grande, Skylar Grey, and others.

In numerous interviews Nicki Minaj has spoken about her new and emerging musical style and has spoken of the autobiographical elements of some of the songs. While her evolution has not gotten the splash and attention of Taylor Swift’s rebranding as a pop music star, Minaj is notable for continuing to traverse the proverbial uncharted territory of female rappers. Decades into the genre, the women in hip hop have made their contributions for sure, but there is much yet to come. And towards that end, Nicki Minaj stakes her claim.

So what do the critics think of Nicki Minaj’s musical evolution? Here’s a roundup.

” …“The Pinkprint” is her third studio album, and like the first two it’s full of compromises and half-successes. Sometimes she wants to be cousins with OneRepublic, sometimes Lil Wayne. And she succeeds at both, though only one of those goals is noble. Where Ms. Minaj stumbles is that the more earnest her subject matter, the more direct and deliberate her flow. As a rapper, she’s capable of grand technical feats, rapid cadence switching and complex rhyme patterns, but generally she puts those fireworks to the side when diving deep into her feelings…” — New York Times

“…..The Pinkprint is Nicki Minaj’s busting-out-all-over magnum opus, a love letter to her supernova star power and hip-hop radicalism, her teeming brain and her body electric. Minaj’s previous album, 2012’s Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded, was dominated by psycho-glam role-playing. Now, as the Blueprint-referencing title implies, she’s more Hov than Gaga. She talks about taking off her mask on “Feeling Myself,” a wild ego-trip throwdown with Beyoncé. The realness she reveals is genuinely dazzling…..” — — Rolling Stone

“….Set aside the romp-shaking Top 40 songs that hang in the rafters with Taylor Swift’s, The Pinkprint — while fat-trimming could’ve been afforded –- stands as the sweet spot where a newly stripped image and sound align. The union properly widens the scope not of Nicki Minaj, but of Onika Maraj.

“Minaj accomplished what she set out to do, even though skepticism gripped detractors: she laid “a Blueprint for female rappers to come.” The Pinkprint is both miles ahead in maturity while still acknowledging her gritty start. And she was right: like students studying for the bar, notes can be taken by her successors. ….” — Billboard

“….. . The Pinkprint, mercifully, barely tries to satisfy the masses. The Mixtape Nicki tracks, as usual, were relegated to promotional tracks. “Anaconda” is an anomaly that exists in its own Top 10 partyland. The pop songs might be more lugubrious than the urban-radio fare……” — TIME

“….”It’s the most pop-friendly album of her career, primed for evening the playing field with teen-adored stars like Azalea. Before the release of “The Pink Print,” Minaj told interviewers that her new music would bring her back to her harder, hip-hop roots. In fact, “Pink” features friendlier melodies and more singing than ever.

“Of course, Minaj can rap rings around Iggy, but here she shows it less often. She’s more attuned to the craft of the song than the complexity of the verse. Only a few songs approach the velocity or eccentricity of the rapping in past songs, like the brilliantly dense “Stupid Hoe.”…..” — New York Daily News

The official music video for her much discussed and quite racy ‘Anaconda’ is below!

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