Carrie Underwood Talks Pregnancy, Baby Names and Performs Live on ‘Today Show’ (Video)

December 9, 2014

Carrie Underwood made a live appearance on the Today Show and talked about her pregnancy, shared her thoughts on baby names and how difficult it is to pick one and treated viewers to a live performance of her hit single ‘Something in the Water.’

The 31-year-old country music superstar is on a zenith, career-wise, having just received two more Grammy nominations, one of which is for her latest hit single “Something in the Water” which, as noted, she performed live in the Today Show’s famed Studio 1A.

Carrie Underwood is also expecting her first child and in the interview she was quite willing to talk about the pregnancy as well as the other challenge in her life, that of coming up with a name for the baby. While the clamoring celebrity watching public is always eager to know what that name is, Underwood regaled her audience with the travail of finding that name.

She said, “There’s kind of a couple that we’re okay with, but it’s hard, labeling your child for the rest of its life.”

Point well taken as we know the power of a name on a child’s psyche and self-esteem can be profound. She went on to say, I was like, ‘Why don’t we come up with a short list we’re both agreeable to and then meet the little guy and see what we’re feeling.’

Later in a second interview with fourth hour co-anchors Hoda Kotb and Kathie Lee Gifford, she spoke about what it has been like going through pregnancy. She said, “I’m the worst at relishing the moments as they happen, and so many of us don’t really take the time to stop and look around and enjoy things as they’re happening. So putting this all together has been really good for me.”

Carrie Underwood’s live interview (first two videos) and performance (third video) are below!


Performance ‘Something in the Water’

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