James Franco, SNL Host: Review Roundup, Video Highlights

December 7, 2014

James Franco was the host of Saturday Night Live for the third time and, not surprisingly Seth Rogen crashed his monologue. So was the third time the proverbial charm for ‘The Interview’ star? Check out video highlights and see what the television critics have to say.

Yes, James Franco was back once again as the SNL host and, where the is Franco, can Seth Rogen be far behind? Well, of course not! The monologue thus became a duo-logue, so to speak, as they addressed the recent hacking of Sony which saw numerous potential blockbuster movies leaked to the Internet. Franco thus “confessed” that certain compromising photos of him and Rogen had been leaked.

And that was just one of the hot topics of the night. There was plenty to spoof from just the past week not least of which, NBC’s own ‘Peter Pan Live’ as well as the teaser trailer for ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens.” And, since the show was last broadcast, we did see our Internet “broken.” Thus, msical guest Nicki Minaj appeared in a skit impersonating Kim Kardashian and as such explaining the recent “break the Internet” nude photos of her famous assets.

This being holiday time and this being Saturday Night Live it was necessary to skewer a holiday tradition. Thus we had “Jingle Ballerz,” which was a “Hip Hop Nativity” with the likes of “Eminem,” “Rihanna,” “Rick Ross,” “Justin Bieber” and, as “Beyonce,” Nicki Minaj. A polarizing skit if there ever was one. Nuff said!

So what did the critics have to say of all of this? Here’s a roundup.

“…The initial takes here on the Garner trial were exactly what I hoped the show would do in addition to the cold open. The focused, heartfelt approaches from both Che and Jost were pitch perfect and really point towards a way in which they can differentiate themselves from past hosts. Unfortunately, then “Update” went back to the old, stale rhythms almost instantly afterwards.
Read more at http://www.hitfix.com/monkeys-as-critics/recap-saturday-night-live-nil-james-franco-and-nicki-minaj#pTXWFH38matUk8j0.99 …” — Hitfix

“… Not every sketch was a home run. Franco played a troll in a sketch that was more strange than hilarious. And it was fun to see Rogen return for the final sketch of the night, even if the sketch he was in — with the porn stars-turned-pitchwomen — was only so-so.

“All told, this was a strong episode, as Franco’s third time hosting was a great one. ….” The Hollywood Reporter

“… In his third hosting stint, Franco was, as ever, a lot of fun, gamely throwing himself into every sketch with energy and professionalism. There’s something knowing about Franco’s comic persona—if everything he’s done over the past decade turns out to be some sort of Boyhood-length performance art piece, I won’t be that surprised—but he’s a natural fit for SNL ….” — AV Club

“….Overall, this was a really solid episode of the show. While there were weak points, this was one of those rare shows where we actually laughed more and more as the night went on. That is a rare achievement! Grade: B+……” — Carter Matt

See the video highlights below from last night’s show below!

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