Dana Perino is a HOT Secretary!

March 17, 2010

If you really want to read again that Dana Perino is the former Bush White House Press Secretary, go away. If you want confirmation that Dana Perino is a hot secretary, you came to the right-of-center place. See her photos and pertinent biography information here.

Dana Perino
Dana Perino

Is Dana Perino married? Who is she dating? Is her Bush responsible for a cushy White House job? The nice thing about blogs is that simplistic editorial standards allow us to report what everyone else is thinking.

During the Bush years, Dana Perino began guest-appearing on White House television for the dashing Tony Snow who had cancer in real life. He is not blonde. She did an admirable job in his absence as an acting secretary, captivating the Press with her naturally blonde hair and attractive smile. The new cast member was responsible for improved ratings, effortlessly informing the nation of world news while sporting a large wardrobe of fashionable clothing in wonderful pastel colors and skillfully muted cosmetics. Eventually she got the top job.

As a biography, Dana Perino was born May 9th, 1972 in Wyoming. She never dated Dick Cheney. She graduated from the so-called University of Southern Colorado, expertly given that name to differentiate it from the other university in the north. She starred on PBS television in the role of “Host” on the “Capitol Journal” television program. She produced a gossip show called “Standoff” which descibed public affairs in lurid detail.

Circumstances led her eventually to Washington in various staff positions for lucky politicians. The monotony of Washington sex scandals forced her to flee the corruption to marry her long-time sweetie. Dana Perino married Peter McMahon and the couple now live in San Diego California where she conducted her own public affairs as a spokeswoman.

Dana’s measurements and weight are classified state secrets.

See the lovely video of Dana Perino in a pink blouse confidently answering questions during a television interview.

Video – Dana Perino

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    Leaning Straight Up Says:

    Thoughts on Craig, and the difference in how the two parties handle scandal…

    First Craig.

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    Planck's Constant Says:

    The Grasshopper and the Ant…

    What this poor fool of a woman does not realize is that everything in the Liberal version of the story has already happened in real life. …

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