Suzanne Somers opens up about Surviving Breast Cancer, Staying Healthy and Being Ageless

September 24, 2014

Suzanne Somers graces the cover of Closer Weekly magazine and opens up about surviving breast cancer and how it changed her life. She speaks candidly on why she refused chemotherapy and about the alternative treatment she chose instead. She also speaks about her health and fitness routine.

In her interview with Closer Weekly, Suzanne Somers boldly said, ““I’m going to live to be 110 years old!” and added, “I’m now healthier than ever.”

At 67 years of age, she’s got a ways to go to reach 110 and if anyone can do it, no doubt it will be Suzanne Somers who has defied critics and detractors alike and forged a courageous path in the public eye. While celebrities openly become spokespersons for pharmaceutical companies, the veteran actress and former ‘Three’s Company’ star has done quite the opposite.

She also spoke about what it was like to receive the stage II breast cancer diagnosis in 2000 and what she did in the aftermath. Somers said, “. “I never thought this would happen to me. I thought I had taken care of myself!” She went on to say, ” “I had to do some deep soul-searching. I realized I wasn’t taking sleep seriously, staying up late to write my books.”

After undergoing a lumpectomy and radiation, she refused chemotherapy and said of her decision, ““It has been a failure for so many. I was not going to take [it] and poison my body.”

She went on to speak of her decision to use Iscador, a mistletoe-derived alternative cancer treatment and said, “For me, it was the best choice I could have made.” She went on to say, “Over the 10 years i injected it daily, I never had a cold or flu or even a day where I didn’t feel up to par.”

And the cancer diagnosis, Somers revealed, was “the beginning of a new life for me.” The new life she reveals is a much healthier one, noting that she grows her own organic vegetables.” She also revealed that she sleeps more: “I started a routine of generally going to bed at 9.30 to 10 o’clock every night and sleeping until 7 am. I take perfect care of my machine.’

She spoke of her fitness routine, saying, ““I do yoga three times a week and I walk for a half hour every day. In between, I get on the elliptical and my triple thigh trainer — I really do use the ThighMaster! — and do about 20 minutes on each of those. I also walk up and down the stairs a lot.”

She also spoke about her diet of organic produce as well as the bioidentical hormones and noted overall, ““I take perfect care of my machine.”

In recent years she has perhaps become more well known for her courageous health and fitness advocacy, and as the author of several books — most recently “I’m Too Young For This!: The Natural Hormone Solution to Enjoy Perienopause” — such and for the inspiration that has brought to many. However, she hinted in the interview at a return to television or at least the desire for such. She said “I would like to do my own daily talk show.”

You can see more excerpts of the Suzanne Somers’ ‘Closer Weekly’ magazine interview along with the cover photo here.


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