Julianne Moore opens up about Aging, Beauty Secrets, Weight Loss, Fitness and More

September 23, 2014

Julianne Moore graces the cover of New Beauty magazine and shares her thoughts on aging, how she stays beautiful as the years go by and more. She also spoke candidly about her experience with weight loss through a cleansing diet.

The 53-year-old Emmy-winning actress Julianne Moore is among the cast of ‘The Hunger Games: Catching Fire’ and ‘Maps to the Stars’ among other movies. Seemingly she has no shortage of appearances both on the big screen and the small screen and yet she is on the verge of her 54th birthday.

As is always the case with women who are beautiful and remain beautiful as years go by she is asked to weigh in on how she feels about the aging process, much like someone visiting a foreign land is asked to report back to us what it’s like in those environs.

She told New Beauty magazine, “I can remember being twelve and everyone was talking about the year 2000 and it seemed so far away. I remember thinking, “I will be 40 then” and it just seemed so old – I couldn’t even think about it; it was utterly shocking.’

She went on to say, ‘But when you get there it’s so much less serious than you anticipated. The changes aren’t as vast and it all happens very gradually. Getting older is not as bad as you think.’

Julianne Moore was also asked about beauty secrets, and she said, “I was lucky enough to have a very fair-skinned mother who instilled in me the importance of sunscreen.” She added, ‘We wouldn’t go to the beach until after three o’clock and we would do things like walk on the shady side of the street to avoid the sun. People are so much careful now, but back then it was rather unusual.’

She also spoke about her fitness routine and said, “I don’t like noisy workouts. I tried spinning and didn’t like it, it’s just too loud for me.” She went on to explain, “I do better when I am working out in quiet, which is why I like yoga. I especially like classes that don’t have mirrors. It’s a time to let go and let your body drop into itself.’ At home, she said that she was does “interval running” and that she also lift “light weights.”

As for some of the popular celebrity trends, notably cleansing diets, it’s clear Julianne Moore is not a fan of it. She said, “I did a juice cleanse for the Golden Globes one year. I think I did it for three days. To be honest, the only weight I lost was in my brain!”

She spoke about some of her favorite cosmetics and makeup and how she feels about her daughters using makeup and more in the interview.

You can see the full ‘New Beauty’ magazine interview along with the cover photo here.


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