Nick Jonas’ ‘Jealous’ Music Video with Girlfriend Olivia Culpo Premieres on His 22nd Birthday

September 16, 2014

Nick Jonas’ music video for ‘Jealous’ features his girlfriend, Miss USA 2012 Olivia Culpo and it premiered on his 22nd birthday. With startling visuals and a compelling storyline, the new video has generated quite a buzz. See it and find out what all the excitement is about.

‘Jealous’ is the second single from Nick Jonas’ highly anticipated solo debut album. And, as noted, the video had its premiere on the same day as his 22nd birthday on September 16. And yes, the years have gone by. No longer the teen idol and one third of the Jonas Brothers, as such, like his siblings Kevin and Joe, he has gone off in pursuit of his own career. It is his second such foray after his previous side project with his band The Administration.

This time, though, he’s on his own and the teen heart throb days are behind him. There are many ways to draw notoriety for a music video, and for Nick Jonas all he had to do was to cast his gorgeous beauty queen girlfriend as his love interest. She was Miss USA 2012 and he has dated her for a while, but this is their first onscreen pairing.

As the title would imply there is jealousy as his girlfriend’s beauty does not go unnoticed which is hardly a surprised, most especially considering how she is dressed. The video, like the uptempo pace of the song, has a kind of jaunty quality and it’s all in good fun as it sees Nick Jonas portraying a taxi driver with a very attractive passenger. It is not, as perhaps it could be, an edgy, dark film noir with murder at its conclusion.

The music video had its premiere in an unusual venue, New York City’s South Street Seaport. You can see Nick Jonas getting ‘Jealous’ (understandably!) below.

Pictures: PR Photos

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