Anna Chlumsky is ‘My Girl’

August 30, 2007

Meet Anna Chlumsky, the child actress who is all grown up. See photos, video and her biography here. Anna starred in My Girl as a 9-year old advertising model and gave Macauley Culkin his first movie kiss which you can see in the movie video below.

Anna Chlumsky Biography

As a biography, Anna Chlumsky was born December 3, 1980 in the city of Chicago. She is best known as a child actress in My Girl and the sequel My Girl 2, but you can see she is all grown up in these pictures.

She starred with Christian Ricci in “Gold Diggers: The Secret of Bear Mountain” in 1995 and the film “Blood Car” in 2007. She will star in the upcoming series “Eight Days a Week” on the CW television network. Anna is a wonderfully single actress. Her measurements are unimportant because she is the girl next door, but she is 5’2″ tall.

Anna Chlumsky’s career began early as a magazine model before she was one year old. She speaks Portuguese, loves Brazilian music, travel, and Greek food. She is an accomplished dancer and a wine aficionado having graduated from the International Wine Centre.

Pictures and a video of “My Girl” still shots are below.

Anna Chlumsky Video

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One Response to “Anna Chlumsky is ‘My Girl’”

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    layla Says:

    oh my gosh love u .u and clunkin make a cute little 11 couple in my girl i’m 10 and i know what your saying i don’t know nothing but i do i’ve watched my girl 104 times!!!!!!!! and it never gets boring.