Britney Spears on Tonight Show: Jimmy Fallon Signs Her Up for Tinder, She Talks Pros and Cons of Dating

September 10, 2014

On ‘The Tonight Show’ Britney Spears and host Jimmy Fallon took the lighthearted route in the aftermath of breakup with former boyfriend David Lucado by joining Tinder and talking about ‘the pros and cons of dating Britney Spears.’

The circumstances of Britney Spears’ breakup are a tabloid’s dream while obviously a personal nightmare for the woman herself. Not only was her now ex-boyfriend seen in a shopped around video making out with another woman, that woman happens to be reportedly a porn star.

She first took to Twitter to react to the cheating scandal and to let the world know she had sent him packing. She next took to the stage at her Piece of Me’ concert residency at Planet Hollywood to announce that she was now free to go on first dates again. Now she has taken her breakup tour to national television and signing up for Tinder and talking about the pros and cons of dating.

It’s the most attention the pop music icon has had for months and one must commend her for making the most of the circumstances. Even if you are a pop culture fixture you are still a human being and as such betrayal is painful.

Yes, Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show did indeed sign up Britney Spears for Tinder, the dating app, notorious for hookups. For a television audience of a certain demographic age, it might perhaps have served as introduction to what the young folks are doing. And for those already immersed in Tinder now have something more to be excited about.

But yes, there are the pros and cons of dating Britney Spears and who better to describe them than the woman herself. It made for entertaining television and within hours, viral video. You can relive those moments in the replay below!

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