Wednesday Gossip-Fest!! [August 29]

August 29, 2007

♥ Amy Winehouse cancels on MTV VMA’s â–ºHollyscoopâ—„

♥ Charlize Theron engaged? ►Glitterati Gossip◄

♥ Bobby Brown lives in his car! ►TMZ◄

♥ Heyy Keira Knightley you’re not Audrey Hepburn! â–ºDlistedâ—„

♥ Street racing may have played part in Nick Hogan Accident ►Celebrity Smack◄

♥ Why Paris, Britney and Lindsay all ditched the Teen Choice Awards ►Celebitchy◄

♥ Hilary Duff and her new boyfriend ►Celebrity Dirty Laundry◄

♥ Mary Kate and Ashley’s Cruel fashion â–ºCityRagâ—„

♥ Angelina Jolie in and Out of Irak ►CelebGlitz◄

♥ Lindsay Lohan caught doing drugs in Rehab ►Allie is Wired◄
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  1. 1
    A Few Shiny Pebbles Says:

    Battlefields: the Good and the True—Part I…

    (I have been posting infrequently during the past few weeks because of family needs that had to be met. I’ll be posting more regularly now.) We are bombarded from every side with warnings and even threats about Global Warming. I’ll……

  2. 2
    Planck's Constant Says:

    Moron Leona Helmsley leaves dog 12 million bucks…

    Of course, we may have to take into consideration that the dog deserves every penny, 12 mil may not be enough compensation for living with that bitch.

  3. 3
    walls of the city Says:

    the substance of things…

    So I got bored on the way home from my car’s maintenance appointment today, and as any of you probably know, bored Linoges are bad things. The thought occurred to me, thanks to a webpage that will remain nameless and……

  4. 4
    Leaning Straight Up Says:

    More Democratic campaign donation $candal$…

    So why so much focus just on Democratic scandals?  Because they annoy me pointing the finger at the corruption in the Republican party when their house is just as dirty.

    They claim to be the party of the working class and accuse the Repu…

  5. 5
    Leaning Straight Up Says:

    Clinton to ditch Hsu’s money…

    My initial reaction was to laugh.  Damage control.

    But a part of me has to wonder why.  Afterall, the money he raised was legal right?  So why act as though it was tainted?

    Clinton Donor Under a Cloud in Fraud Case

    Senator Hi…

  6. 6
    CommonSenseAmerica Says:

    Run Away and Change Your Name…

    That’s how many people evade the laws of this nation after first illegally crossing our borders. But thankfully it didn’t work this time:
    INDEPENDENCE TWP. — As second shift Flint police officers donned “mourning bands” T…

  7. 7
    The World According To Carl Says:

    […] The Pet Haven Blog, The Amboy Times, Leaning Straight Up, Pursuing Holiness, third world county, Right Celebrity, Pirate’s Cove, The Pink Flamingo, Right Voices, MoreWhat, The Random Yak, DeMediacratic […]

  8. 8
    Big Dogs Weblog Says:

    Edwards’ Snake Oil Show Goes to Iowa…


  9. 9
    Shadowscope Says:

    “Wanted” Donor Has Democrats On The Run…

    This is like a flashback to the nineties when Clinton and Gore were in office and there were investigations going on as to where their donations were coming from. Not the Republicans are any different. They are all scurvy dogs……

  10. 10
    Right Truth Says:

    WMD Phosgene from Iraq Found at United Nations…

    U.N. weapons inspectors who had been in Iraq discovered potentially dangerous chemical substances in their office near U.N. headquarters. One item may contain “phosgene, an old generation chemical warfare agent.” Fox headline: Vials of Dangerous Chem…

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