Wanda Nara

August 29, 2007

Meet Wanda Nara, the latest Latin model to film a ‘sex tape’ video for her adulating fans. View her video, photos, and biography here.

Wanda Nara Biography

Aside from the sex tape, Wanda Nara was best known as Argentina soccer star Diego Maradona’s girlfriend, a rumor that he denies. She was born in 1987 in Argentina and has pursued a lackluster actress and modeling career that has gotten more and more “provocative.” Her fashion magazine photoshoots are below and her unimpressive filmography is irrelevant to why you are here.

She claimed on television to be a virgin, something that the video can confirm depending on how you define sex. She starred in “Humor in Safekeeping” and is currently on a reality TV show called “Sliding by Sueño” after turning down the Argentina version of “Celebrity Big Brother.”

Wanda Nara Sex Tape

The sex video is a tape of the model giving oral to her boyfriend (presumably). You can tell it is her because of the trademark gap in her teeth, and well, everyone knows that this is her sex tape.

There are many ways to download the Wanda Nara sex tape from reputable blogs. We do not link directly to sex tapes here. You can find more information about them at the links below.


Some of these pictures are probably provocative even though they are not nude photos.

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