Kristen Stewart’s Directorial Debut: Sage + the Saints’ ‘Take Me to the South’ Music Video

May 27, 2014

Kristen Stewart has made her directorial debut with the music video for the country-rock band Sage + the Saints’ song ‘Take Me to the South.’ Shot on location in L.A. and Nashville it is a compelling cinematic narrative.

The 24-year-old Kristen Stewart — who has been appearing in a number of movies recently –‘Silas Maria’ and ‘American Ultra’ among others — is on the other side of the camera this time in directing the music video for her friend, Sage Galesi who is the founder and frontwoman of the band Sage + the Saints.

She was a co-director of the music video with David Ethan Shapiro. It was made possible via the Buffalo David Bitton’s “Blank Check Series.”

With scenes that reveal Sage Galesi leaving L.A. and headed on a road trip for her ultimate destination of Nashville, Tennessee, it follows the storyline of the song, which quite literally was ‘Take Me to the South’ her bold move in leaving Tinseltown for Music City. Galesi began her show business career as an actress and as such was among the co-stars in the TV movie ‘DreamKeeper.’

Kristen Stewart spoke to ‘Rolling Stone’ at length about the music video, and said of its storyline, “Sage lived all of this; we fabricated nothing. I wanted the video to feel really captured and found rather than set-up and executed.” As for herself as a director, she also told the publication of her longtime ambition which dates back to when she was just 10 years old and that it was Sage Galesi herself who encouraged her in the endeavor.

While it is an absorbing music video with a compelling and true story it also, as Stewart herself acknowledges in the interview, has some parallels to her own life thematically as she makes the transition from ‘The Twilight Saga’ not just to other movies and other roles, but, as we have learned towards embracing such a longtime ambition.

You can see the full ‘Take Me to the South’ music video below!

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