Ed Sheeran’s ‘Sing’ Music Video Starring His Lookalike Puppet and Pharrell Williams

May 22, 2014

Ed Sheeran’s ‘Sing’ music video has premiered and it’s getting quite a buzz. No only does it feature the British singer, but Pharrell Williams, who produced the song, also makes an appearance. And there’s a twist; Sheeran’s puppet is also one of the stars! It makes for an engaging visual narrative.

‘Sing’ is the lead single of Ed Sheeran’s sophomore album, ‘X.’ Its title is pronounced “Multiply” which sees particularly fitting as his fame and notoriety are doing just that, multiplying exponentially. Having arguably the most in-demand music superstar hitmaker producer to produce your lead single is quite a coup.

The song itself is uptempo and has received favorable reviews. It’s now got a music video that meets if not exceeds what we might have hoped for. And yet at the same time, it’s quite an unpredictable take. We would not have imagined that both Ed Sheeran and his alter ego — a Muppet-like puppet who shares his likeness and his red hair — would make an appearance!

And it is a rather bawdy alter ego at that, as he is seen out on the town surrounded by women in a limo, and passes his time with such night life adventures as singing in a karaoke bar, visiting a strip club and getting more than a little bit intoxicated along the way. But lest we think the puppet is having all of the fun, the real Ed Sheeran and his puppet lookalike join forces along with Pharrell Williams and continue the merrymaking.

As was the song, the video has been well received upon its official debut on Ed Sheeran’s Facebook page. More and more his fame is rising here in the U.S. where many were first introduced to him as an opening act in Taylor Swift’s Red Tour and as her duet partner in the hit single ‘Everything Has Changed.’

Watch the engaging and highly entertaining ‘Sing’ music video below!

Pictures: PR Photos

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