Kristen Stewart Talks about her Directorial Debut in ‘Rolling Stone’ Interview

May 14, 2014

Kristen Stewart opens up about her directorial debut in a fascinating interview with ‘Rolling Stone’ magazine. The former ‘Twilight Saga’ star is co-directing the music video for the country-rock band Sage + the Saints’ song ‘Take Me to the South.’

The 24-year-old Kristen Stewart — who stars in the upcoming movie ‘American Ultra’ — furthers her journey beyond the strictures of ‘The Twilight Saga’ franchise with a foray in to the music world. The collaboration has its obvious mutual benefits as well, as having a Hollywood A lister co-directing one’s music video will put it on the radar of a much wider audience, in this case, an enormous international fan base. T

Those who have not heard of Sage + the Saints will soon be hearing of them as Stewart co-directs with David Ethan Shapiro. The collaboration came about as a part of an ongoing series underwritten by a grant from Buffalo David Bitton’s Blank Check Series. Stewart is a friend of the band’s frontwoman, Sage Galesi.

Stewart revealed that her ambitions go beyond music videos, however. She told Rolling Stone, “I’ve been saying I want to direct movies since I was 10 years old…And then I started making movies and working with such incredible people that I realized what I was up against. So it was like, no way, now I’m gonna get more attention than I ever should just because of who I am.”

She continued, revealing how instrumental her friend was in helping her to take this important step. She said, “Basically, I’m grateful to Sage, because she was like, ‘I have this little thing, no one could tell the story better than you…just do it and stop being such a p*ssy.'”

The music video was shot on location in Nashville, and chronicles the story of Sage’s move from L.A. to Nashville in pursuit of her music career. It embodies the title of the song, ‘Take Me to the South.’ Stewart said of it, “Sage lived all of this; we fabricated nothing. I wanted the video to feel really captured and found rather than set-up and executed.”

As for the challenges of a first-time director, she said, “It’s this very consistent strain that never lets up. Whereas with acting, there’s small bursts… You alleviate bits of tension for the camera and then you go off and, I don’t know, wait to stress out again. But there wasn’t one second that I wasn’t sitting with my head in my hands. It’s your responsibility to hold this thing together, and I was always concerned I was missing something.”

She went on to reveal what she had learned from two directors in particular who had directed her; Walter Salles of ‘On the Road’ and Sean Penn of ‘Into the Wild.’ She said, “It’s about being able to always, always, always sniff out bullsh*t and refuse to eat it. You honor whatever you’re working on so much that to make a mockery of it would be so principally wrong. That’s the feeling those guys have. I feel so safe with them as an actor, because I know for a fact that I can try things and fully let go and they will never allow me to do anything untrue. I definitely want to explore this avenue of my life, and that’s the way that I would definitely strive to do it.”

It’s a lengthy interview and a good read as it gives much insight into the future that Kristen Stewart envisions for herself. She clearly has a passion for directing and she has much to say about it and what she has learned from this first foray into the profession. You can read it in its entirety at Rolling Stone here. The behind-the-scenes video is below.

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