Emily Blunt opens up about Baby Daughter Hazel on ‘Ellen DeGeneres Show’ (Video)

May 14, 2014

Emily Blunt talked about her baby daughter Hazel in an interview on ‘The Ellen DeGeneres Show.’ The ‘Edge of Tomorrow’ star shared a breastfeeding story as well as how she and her husband John Krasinski selected the name.

The 31-year-old Emily Blunt will soon be seen on the big screen in the science fiction thriller ‘Edge of Tomorrow’ opposite Tom Cruise, portraying a toughened warrior. But on ‘The Ellen DeGeneres Show’ it was all about domestic bliss. After she walked out on stage debuting a slender and impressive post-baby body, she talked about the young daughter whom the world first got a glimpse of via a picture her husband Tweeted the day before.

She said of her daughter Hazel, “She’s just stinking cute. Yeah, she’s so cute. She came out like ready for a photo shoot. She was like this…just perfect. And I remember when we were in the recovery room afterwards and this nurse came in. Her name was Mabel, another great old lady name. She had this fantastic, crazy weave, and she said ‘Damn, your baby is so cute’ and I went, ‘Oh thank you’ and she went, ‘Damn, she’s awesome, she’s so cute’ and I went ‘Mabel, I think you say that to everyone’ and she went, ‘No I don’t.’ She went, ‘When I know a baby ugly I say, you had a baby!’ I was like those poor parents must know.”

She reflected on how it was to pick a name for the baby, saying, “I find it very stressful naming a human being.” As for how they arrived at Hazel, she offered, “we both really like old lady names.”

Emily Blunt also shared an amusing story about breastfeeding and how her milk first began to flow. She said, “It was like 3 in the morning and John woke up to me it was like something out of a horror movie. He said he just saw me creeping up to the bathroom…and he just saw my back, you know?”

She attributed her weight loss to breastfeeding, saying, “I managed to produce a lot of milk. I don’t know why it helped me lose the weight.” She continued to talk and went off on a fanciful flight, saying, “It was be amazing if people who aren’t pregnant could just breastfeed. I mean, it would serve everyone. It would help everyone out. I could have been the wet nurse in Medieval times because I could have fed the village while they all went to work.”

You can see the video of Emily Blunt gushing about her beautiful young daughter and motherhood below!

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