Julia Roberts Talks George Clooney Engagement, Surprises Oscars Pizza Delivery Guy on ‘Ellen DeGeneres Show’ (Video)

May 7, 2014

Julia Roberts spoke out about George Clooney’s engagement to British lawyer Amal Alamuddin, discussed her tattoos and surprised the Oscars pizza delivery guy during a lively appearance on ‘The Ellen DeGeneres Show.’

Julia Roberts is a longtime friend of George Clooney and the two were among the star-studded ensemble cast of ‘Ocean’s Eleven.’ She said she had not met the famed international law and human rights lawyer, Amal Alamuddin, but said, “I think it is sublime. She is beautiful and smart, and he is happy and that’s what matters to me.”

She also talked about her numerous tattoos, albeit sparingly. She ventured to say, “Well, some things I can tell you the answer to and some things I’ll tell you later. I have all my children’s names and my husband’s initials.”

In another segment she and Ellen DeGeneres discussed the Oscars and the now famous selfie as well as the pizza delivery, with Roberts saying, that from now on there should always be a pizza snack break during the ceremony.

And then it was time for the grand surprise for the Oscars pizza delivery guy who, in fact, is Edgar Martirosyan, the owner of Big Mama’s and Papa’s Pizzeria in L.A. and just opened a new restaurant. That was the premise for Ellen DeGeneres to invite him back on the show, to give members of the audience a slice of pizza from his new restaurant. On his previous appearance, she have him his enormous tip, in excess of a thousand dollars, from Oscars night.

However, the real reason this time around was to arrange for him to meet Julia Roberts whom he had said during his previous appearance on the show was a long-time crush, as he had grown up in Russia, seeing her iconic movie ‘Pretty Woman.’

Little did he know while he was on stage with pizza box in hand that the actress herself was hiding behind the flowers. It was quite an endearing moment when she stepped out, and he gave her a warm embrace and kissed her hand.

Thus it was yet another memorable talk show appearance of late for Julia Roberts who is among the stars — alongside Mark Ruffalo and Taylor Kitsch — of the television adaptation of Larry Kramer’s iconic play ‘The Normal Heart’ on the 1980s HIV AIDS crisis; it will debut on HBO.

The replay is below!

Pictures: PR Photos

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