Emma Stone opens up about Body Image and Online Criticism

May 2, 2014

Emma Stone opens up about what it has been like to face criticism online and how she is able to have a positive body image in spite of it in an interview with USA Today. ‘The Amazing Spider-Man 2′ star also shares some empowering words for those who may face similar struggles.

The 25-year-old actress reprises her role as the love interest of the title character of ‘The Amazing Spider-Man 2′ who just so happens to be portrayed by her real-life boyfriend 30-year-old British actor Andrew Garfield, of whom, characteristically she does not discuss with USA Today, saying, ”It’s been easy because all I have to say is that I don’t talk about my private life. It’s kind of easy.”

But on other subjects she is quite outspoken, including online criticism. She is notably slender but yet such can’t escape the scrutiny any more than actresses whom the public deems are not thin enough. As she and her costars have made the rounds all over the world at one red carpet premiere after another, the pictures become the springboard for comments, some quite negative.

She said, “I firmly believe that nothing really affects you or can really bother you if you don’t already feel that way about yourself. I’ve seen a lot of comments that say, ‘Eat a sandwich’ or ‘She looks sick,’”

She went on to say, “I’ve been looking at myself in the mirror being mean to myself. I’m not sick. I eat sandwiches.”

Emma Stone went on to reflect upon the prevalence of such intense scrutiny of celebrities — which some seemingly seem to think of as a kind of a sport — and how she tries to adapt to it.

She said, “There is in no way is it my intention to be a bad example. That has been kind of bothering me lately. I’ve shamed myself for it. We shame each other online. We’re always too skinny or too fat or too tall or too short. They’re just confirming this feeling I have about myself. I’m trying to figure my body out. It bothers me because I care so much about young girls. We’re shaming each other and we’re shaming ourselves, and it sucks.”

She added: “When I make a comment about someone or I choose to gossip about someone and speculate about their body or their life or their face, it’s usually a reflection of something I’m feeling myself.”

She went on to note that her strategy is to be careful whom she associates with personally and cites as a positive example ‘Divergent’ star Shailene Woodley who likewise has not escaped scrutiny, as some have also excoriated her for her comments on health and wellness. Emma Stone said of her, “She feels good about herself. I like being around women like that.”

See the rest of Emma Stone’s USA Today interview here and find out more about her ambitions beyond the silver screen, her affinity for theater and more.

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