One Direction’s ‘You & I’ Music Video Reveals Musical Maturity, Edgier Style

April 19, 2014

One Direction debuted the music video for ‘You & I’ and it is drawing notice. The British boy band, at the pinnacle of their teen-scream fame, reveal a more musically mature side, and are garnering a second look from some who might be ready to dismiss them.

One Direction has cut through the music-video chatter and drawn some notice. Surprisingly, it did not require nudity or semi-nudity or even cameo appearances from celebrities. The boy bad earned some notice the old fashioned way, by revealing some musical evolution and maturity. That counts for plenty.

‘You & I’ is the latest single from the band’s album, ‘Midnight Memories,’ and it is a pensive ballad with such lines as “I know how it goes from wrong and right. / Silence and sound. / Did they ever hold each other tight / Like us? / Did they ever fight Like us?”

The new music video, which was directed by Ben Winston, sees the band members — Niall Horan, Liam Payne, Louis Tomlinson, Harry Styles, and Zayn Malik — on a boardwalk, on location at Clevedon Pier in Somerset, England against a dismal and desperately sad sky. But that’s the catch. Are we seeing one man who shape-shifts into the next one, and into the next one and so on, or are we seeing five different men? We don’t know that fully until we see the five of them later on.

While we have seen such face morphing before — notably in Michael Jackson’s iconic Black or White music video — a revisiting, and such an effective one, is worth noting. It’s not a gimmick as it enhances and intensifies the brooding and mournful lyrics.

Yes, One Direction has come a long way since their X-Factor UK days. Who says a talent show band can’t grow and evolve?

As their perceived rivals, The Wanted, have disbanded, reportedly because their maintenance costs were too high for their record label, One Direction appears to be seeking a wider audience beyond the teens who can be counted on to scream at concerts, but not, unfortunately, be counted on to become longtime enduring fans. They may be looking for the next teen idol to latch onto.

After all, it was not so long ago that the Jonas Brothers were the the teen heartthrobs, and they have, for their on sanity and hopefully individual career longevity gone their separate ways.

But One Direction, is still living up to the name going in the same direction for now at least.

The full ‘You & I’ music video is below!

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