Rosamund Pike Covers W Magazine, Talks David Fincher’s ‘Gone Girl,’ Bond Girl Fame and More

April 16, 2014

Rosamund Pike opens up about her early fame as a Bond girl, how she got the much-coveted role in David Fincher’s ‘Gone Girl’ and more a cover story interview with W Magazine, ‘Crazy Beautiful.’ She is also featured in a luminous photo spread.

The 35-year-old British actress Rosamund Pike is on the verge of A-list Hollywood stardom with the new movie. But she is no stranger to sudden and intense fame, as that is exactly what met her when she was a Bond girl in the movie ‘Live Another Day’ opposite Pierce Brosnan in his final turn at the iconic role.

She told W Magazine had never seen a James Bond movie prior to being cast in one and said, “The Bond film was like an ejector seat from normality into a crazy circus world. It was trial by fire. I was 21, and I was made to look far more sophisticated than I felt. Instantly, I had to come to terms with myself as a woman and also as an object. I was looking at myself from the outside for the first time. That awareness, for any girl, is both horrible and fascinating.”

Now a dozen years later, fame is at her doorstep yet again, as she has the costarring role opposite Ben Affleck in the David Fincher-directed screen adaptation of Gillian Flynn’s internationally bestselling novel, ‘Gone Girl.’ They play a husband and wife, Nick and Amy Dunne.

She told W Magazine about getting that part, noting that she was reading the book — but did not have the script — and that she was assuming that director David Fincher had several actresses under consideration. She said he asked her to fly to St. Louis where he had been doing some location scouting.

She said she told him, “‘I’ll swim to St. Louis.’ We met there for two days.” She went on to say that it was some weeks later, having returned to Scotland that Fincher sent her a text telling her she had the part and that she accidentally erased it. She said, “The only evidence I have that I got the call to play Amy is a selfie of me jumping in the rain in the Highlands. I look both happy and thoroughly daunted—the whole ‘You got the best gig in years’ scenario gives me the creeps. But then again, I’m a very hard worker, and maybe people who have underestimated me or just thought I looked good will say they were wrong.”

She went on to say the producer had given them four days to get to L.A. and noted, “And it was good that it was that fast because there was no time for me to panic. I do remember saying to David, ‘I know you know I have this character in me; you zeroed in on me for good reason.’ With David Fincher, it’s like being X-rayed—he sees things that you may not want anyone to see. Now I have to prove him right—I have to show the world that I’m as dark as he thinks I am.”

But as she revealed in the interview, edginess is nothing new for her. She reflected upon an experience on the London theater stage saying, “In Hitchcock Blonde, I had to do a 10-minute nude scene. Apart from some high heels, I was completely bare onstage. The play was about the male gaze, male expectations, and, finally, female power and the lack thereof. This girl had dark secrets, but she also wanted to be adored. Until Amy, I don’t know that I’d ever seen that combination in a character.”

The article also quotes David Fincher on Pike, saying of her “I liked that people didn’t immediately know who Rosamund was. I’d always liked Rosamund in movies, but I didn’t really know her. That made her very interesting.”

With all of the anticipation over ‘Gone Girl’ — especially with the promise of an ending that is different from that of the novel — it’s no doubt that many, many moviegoers as well as the celebrity world at large will become quite familiar with Rosamund Pike.

The W Magazine cover and photos can be seen here. The behind-the-scenes video is below.

Pictures: PR Photos

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