‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ Star Jamie Dornan on Fame, Ex-Girlfriend Keira Knightley, Fatherhood and More

April 7, 2014

‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ star Jamie Dornan opens up about a variety of topics including former girlfriend Keira Knightley and fatherhood in a new interview. He shares his candid thoughts — and, frankly contempt — for the trappings of fame even as he brings Christian Grey to the big screen and will face immeasurable notoriety.

The 31-year-old model, musician and actor Jamie Dornan is indeed on the threshold of an unfathomable fame as the months speed by — although likely not speeding quickly enough for fans — towards the Valentine’s Day release of the screen adaptation of EL James’ novel ‘Fifty Shades of Grey.’

He spoke with The Telegraph in the UK recently where he is currently seen in a new television series, ‘New Worlds,’ an historical drama set in England during the Restoration; a followup to ‘The Devil’s Whore’ of 2008. While British viewers have the option of seeing the actor on the small screen, that opportunity — for now at least — has come and gone in the U.S. where he previously appeared on ABC’s ‘Once Upon a Time.’

Jamie Dornan told the newspaper, “Nobody sane wants just to be famous…I hate it when people say you’re asking for it by doing films. No, I’m asking for work, and I’m asking to get paid for doing something I love. I’m not asking to be followed down a street by some f—- pap.”

He reflected upon his past when he was dating actress Keira Knightley. He said of those two years, ‘Being with Keira was an insight into how rotten the whole thing can be. A young girl is being followed around the street, there is nothing positive to say about that.’

As for those hoping to dive straight into a ‘Fifty Shades’ tell-all the newspaper notes Jamie Dornan’s remarks on ‘Fifty Shades’ have been sparing and vague. Towards increasing the volume of such remarks, they can do no more than cull Entertainment Weekly, and note that he said of ‘Christian Grey at that time, “A lot of people care about this book and I’m not under any illusion that they don’t. All I can say is I’m going to do everything in my power to portray Christian Grey as truthfully as possible. I can’t guarantee that’s going to please everyone – just me being cast doesn’t please everyone, but it’s happened and I’m going to give it everything.’

Jamie Dornan did share his thoughts on fatherhood, however. He and his wife actress Amelia Warner, just had their first child more or less around the time that ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ was shooting. He said of becoming a first-time father, ‘That’s a new challenge and adventure, and I can’t wait.’ On sleeplessness that comes with a newborn, he said, “You might sleep a bit less but you’ve got this small life to look after.’

He continued, ‘I am quite good on little sleep. I think a lot of that is an attitude thing. I think the same about hangovers. You can compound your misery by not getting out of bed and not facing the day. But if you actually get the f— up you might not be as miserable.’

The full interview can be seen here. It’s a long read but essential for all who want to know more about the Jamie Dornan’s rise to fame from Calvin Klein underwear model to ‘Christian Grey’ as well as his current series in the UK.

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