‘The Fault in Our Stars’ Trailer (Video) Starring Shailene Woodley

January 29, 2014

The first trailer for ‘The Fault in Our Stars’ has made its debut online. Shailene Woodley and Ansel Elgort costar in this highly anticipated story of two teenagers in love even as they battle cancer based on the bestselling John Green novel of the same title.

This is easily one of the most buzzed about movies upcoming this year and now even more so with the release of the first trailer which has quickly gone viral and trending on Twitter and widely shared on social media.

Many are curious to see John Green’s New York Times bestselling novel brought to the big screen. It was directed by Josh Boone (‘Stuck in Love’) and adapted for the screen by by Michael Weber and Scott Neustadter. It’s not every day that a love story between two teenagers with cancer is the subject of a novel, let alone a major movie. It has gone begging for the big screen, quite frankly, with characters whose unique perspective on the world goes against expectations.

So often we’ve seen children with cancer as victims often when being granted their dying wishes or when they themselves say or do something that somehow inspires everyone. But the novel brings forth characters who are in the thick of survival, daily, with all their highs and lows and rough edges and quirky triumphs that may seem unexpected for those who would presuppose their life experiences.

Shailene Woodley portrays the protagonist, Hazel Grace Lancaster, 16 years old and stricken with thyroid cancer, who attends a cancer support group at her parents insistence. Quite unexpectedly she meets up with and befriends a fellow member the 17-year-old Augustus Waters, portrayed by Ansel Elgort, and the two of them fall mutually in love.

The trailer reveals the movie may have struck just the right tone. It’s not overly celebratory or maudlin. The opening moments are narrated by Shailene Woodley who is seen in the trailer with a simple, short haircut and wearing an oxygen nozzle in every scene as she is courted by Ansel Elgort’s character.

Thus the 22-year-old Shailene Woodley is seen in the second of two starring roles in highly anticipated movies She’s also the lead character, ‘Tris,’ based on another popular novel of the same title which has drawn comparisons to ‘The Hunger Games’ trilogy. Revealing intense devotion to her craft, Woodley cut her hair for the role and donated it to charity.

Co-stars include Willem Dafoe, Nat Wolff, Laura Dern, Sam Trammell, Mike Birbiglia, and Emily Peachey.

‘The Fault in Our Stars’ opens in theaters on June 6, 2014.

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