Rihanna on Grammy Win, AMA Icon Award, New Music in GMA Live Interview (Video)

January 29, 2014

Music superstar Rihanna spoke out about her latest Grammy Award, what it as like to win the AMA Icon Award, future music and more in a rare live TV interview. She spoke on Good Morning America with co-anchor Robin Roberts.

The rare appearance and the opportunity it presented was not lost on Rihanna’s fans, her Navy, either, as Robin Roberts noted that despite the cold weather conditions in New York City many had camped outside the GMA Times Square Studios since the wee hours of the morning. Numerous others Tweeted questions from presumably warmer circumstances.

The 25-year-old Rihanna debuted a new look. Her hair was very long, straight and black and she wore a red suit. It was a stunning effect.

Robin Roberts cited some of the amazing achievements of the young artist who has been on the music scene for a decade, typically releasing a new album every year, although 2013 was a notable exception. She has the most “likes” on Facebook, and she has exceeded 4 billion page views on Facebook. She’s also leads the field as far as sales of downloads.

Now her latest achievement is another Grammy Award to add to her shelf which already has several.

She was not present at the Staples Center for the 56th Grammy Awards. She said of finding out she was a winner: ““I was at home and was shocked. It was a surprisingly emotional experience. I was at home and my friend texted me and told me that I won. I looked on the internet and saw it there; ‘Unapologetic.’ I was excited and glad to be excited at this point in my career.”

she was also asked about how it felt to be honored with the first-ever American Music Awards (AMA) Icon Award. It was her own mother at the podium who presented the award in an emotional speech, and Rihanna’s acceptance speech was equally emotional and gracious.

She said: “It is a very surreal feeling. It’s almost like I can’t touch it. It felt like I was dreaming. It didn’t feel real and still doesn’t. Because I feel there’s so much I still want to do. “Icon” is such a big word.”

Robin Roberts, making note of her recent collaboration on Shakira’s new song, ‘Can’t Remember to Forget You,’ which is the lead single of the Colombian music superstar and ‘The Voice’ coach’s upcoming album. The song — marking their first ever collaboration — has been well received.

Thus the logical question, what about Rihanna? When can we expect new music.

She was notably reticent, saying only, “Music is what I love to do. So you never have to worry about that”.

During her live appearance she also spoke about her partnership with the cosmetics company Mac and its philanthropic efforts, namely the campaign which raises money for HIV/AIDS research

But the buzz, of course, was the live appearance, the new look and the tantilizing hints of new music!

You can see the full interview video below!

Pictures: PR Photos

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