Scarlett Johansson’s Super Bowl SodaStream Ad Banned: Watch It Here!

January 28, 2014

Scarlett Johansson’s Superbowl Sodastream has been banned by Fox. Predictably that sends everyone searching to see it. Look no further, you can watch the full uncensored ad here!

The 28-year-old actress has been twice named Esquire magazine’s sexiest woman alive — first time ever — and by inference, one might imagine that she is too sexy for Fox.

While she is undoubtedly sexy, it’s ironic that it’s not by reasons of bearing too much skin, flashing cleavage, or any such thing of the sort. In fact Scarlett Johansson, who was recently named SodaStream’s Global Brand Ambassador (picture above) is all covered up, in a white robe, seated beside a lighted dressing room mirror.

So it’s not what she wears. It’s what she says. Well, you might imagine that in her signature husky voice she could raise the ire of censors in a hurry, and you might be correct.

Keep in mind that she is enticing you go for SodaStream instead of another beverage. SodaStream is the new upstart that allows you to make your own soft drinks with your ingredients of choice. As she says in the ad, “Less sugar, less bottles.”

So, as she has enticed you with the possibility of your own home brew, she says, “If only I could make this go viral.” Rising from the dressing room vanity, she slips off the robe to reveal a sexy, figure-hugging blue dress, but is still well within reasonable bounds of good taste.

Ah, so what’s the problem? It’s the line she utters in her sexy manner: “Sorry, Coke and Pepsi.”

And that’s why the ad is banned, according to USA Today. The Fox network is mindful of Coca Cola and Pepsi as major sponsors of the Super Bowl.

Daniel Birnbaum, CEO of SodaStream, told the publication, “Which advertiser in America doesn’t mention a competitor? This is the kind of stuff that happens in China. I’m disappointed as an American.”

The company has agreed to omit the offending line, but the uncensored commercial — and perhaps more importantly, the reason for its censoring — live on thanks to the Internet.

As we know, banned Super Bowl ads have a way of going viral online — thus Scarlett Johansson gets her wish — and suddenly what a company may have had to shell out millions for they are getting for free.

Such is the case of SodaStream and Scarlett Johansson ad that might have gotten lost amidst the usual GoDaddy edginess and the Dorito’s wackiness and the multitude of other commercials that make Super Bowl ad viewing as entertaining as the game itself and the halftime show.

Watch the uncensored commercial you won’t see on television below!

Pictures: PR Photos

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