Beyonce and Jay Z: ‘Drunk In Love’ Grammy Awards Duet Performance (Video)

January 26, 2014

Beyonce and Jay Z opened the Grammy Awards wtih a racy and dynamic performance of ‘Drunk in Love,’ the new single from the music superstar diva’s ‘BEYONCÉ’ album. The collaboration and music video brought excitement and now the power couple have taken their eroticism live to the stage.

After weeks of rumor and speculation, the dream performance took place. And what an opening performance it was! It’s rare to see the music industry’s power couple live on stage.

Beyonce showed why she and how she is such a supreme entertainer. She is long overdue at the Grammys, after her dynamic appearance years ago with the legendary Tina Turner. Starting the performance sitting on a chair, and once she got out of the chair and went through her signature dance moves the Staples Center and the viewing audience on television and online were her captives. And Jay Z strolled onto the stage to deliver his lines clad in a tuxedo.

And ‘Drunk In Love,’ the song itself is exciting as it is one of the album’s two lead singles from Beyonce’s self-titled visual album, released without promotion, as a total surprise, and a stunning move which will be talked about for years as now, the album has topped the Billboard 200 on and off for weeks.

A collaboration between Beyonce and her fellow music powerhouse husband Jay Z is rare, and long overdue. It was in 2003 after all that we got the smash hit ‘Crazy in Love’ which first brought the couple together. Now more than a decade later, still together, and this time flat out ‘Drunk in Love,’ and lyrics will of course have to be bleeped or cleaned up for broadcast television.

As Beyonce herself said of the song in one of her ‘Self-Titled’ YouTube video documentaries, “We were just having fun. I think you can hear that in the record.” And now we could see it live on stage as their passion was quite palpable, capped off with a tender embrace at the end.

Check out the full video below!

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