Jennifer Hudson’s ‘I Can’t Describe (The Way I Feel)’ Music Video Reveals New Sexy Image

January 24, 2014

Jennifer Hudson returns to her musical roots with a scorching hot music video for her new single ‘I Can’t Describe (The Way I Feel)’ which features rapper T.I. The Oscar and Grammy winner shows off her sexy curves and dance moves alongside equally sexy dancers both male and female.

It’s a a new look at Jennifer Hudson who released her last studio album back in 2011 in her pre-Weight Watchers days. Now, the longtime ambassador for the weight loss company is back in action as the powerhouse singer she was when we first saw her years ago on American Idol but with an uptempo, contemporary vibe with some R&B throwback elements. The new single ‘I Can’t Describe (The Way I Feel)’ was produced by Pharrell Williams, producer of Robin Thicke’s international smash hit ‘Blurred Lines,’ a song as celebrated as controversial for its sexual liberation. And as with ‘Blurred Lines’ the Grammy-winning rapper T.I. also contributes a verse.

The song has been out for a while, but now we have the visual. And we see the 32-year-old Jennifer Hudson has taken on the role of a video vixen. Wearing a racy red satin bra and skin tight pants, she is seen in a club-like setting alongside two shirtless male dancers with the kind of chiseled physique reminiscent of Chippendales male strippers. In other shots, she is seen alongside statues of predatory panthers.

The women are equally sexy and in one scene some are twerking on T.I who appears in the video seated, wearing dark glasses, attired in a tuxedo and black tie as he delivers his lines.

All in all, the diva that she is, with one of the most notable voices of our contemporary music scene — and it is refreshing to hear a real voice, that’s not been drenched in Autotune — Jennifer Hudson has enthusiastically revealed yet another side. It’s exciting to see her return to music after her notable forays into acting — portraying the likes of the icon Winnie Mandela, and drawing notice for other roles — as well as her inspirational weight loss and healthy living advocacy.

Her new album is reportedly to be released later in the year. A release date and a title have not yet been announced. Perhaps she will suddenly surprise us one day and drop a full album? Meanwhile, check out Jennifer Hudson as she struts her way through a dynamic new video!

Pictures: PR Photos

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