Bruce Springsteen ‘High Hopes’ Album Review Roundup

January 2, 2014

Bruce Springsteen’s latest album is ‘High Hopes.’ It is the rock legend’s eighteenth album, and some of the songs will have their broadcast premiere on the CBS drama series ‘The Good Wife.’ Meanwhile, music critics are weighing in. Find out what they have to say.

The title track of Bruce Springsteen’s new album, ‘High Hopes’ — a cover of a Tim Scott McConnell song from the 1980s — has already been released as the lead single, followed by an official music video. But from there, the album takes a novel promotional turn. It’s not a surprise release, as the album has been forthcoming for weeks and the word is out. But it’s not every day that songs are debuted on a popular television show. But such is the case for the Boss, on the January 12th episode of ‘The Good Wife.’

The new songs that viewers will hear snippets of include ‘Hunter of Invisible Game’ and ‘The Ghost of Tom Joade’ as well as the title track, ‘High Hopes.’ Will the lure of these previously unheard songs by the Boss bring new viewers to the show? Or will those who are already loyal viewers and fans of the show number among the buyers of the album? The more pressing question for Bruce Springsteen is, obviously the latter. Either way, CBS benefits, as its owns the album’s record label, Columbia. Additionally, as part of the deal, the full album will stream at CBS’ Web site starting on January 5th.

As is, Bruce Springsteen’s new album has generated a buzz as it is a collection of previously unreleased music from the past several years which has been rerecorded. It’s also notable as it does preserve some of the instrumentals from two members of the E Street band who have died; the saxophonist Clarence Clemons and the multi-instrumentalist Danny Federici. It will offer listeners a chance to hear once again the unique sounds of these celebrated musicians whose presence is missed to this day.

Unfortunately, the smooth roll-out of this uncharacteristic album was disrupted. For a few short hours on December 28th, the mp3 album was on sale at the mobile. Yes, the mistake was caught, but the album was out long enough to hit the file-sharing Web sites and thus leak to the Internet.

But for the rest of the world, the album is for sale officially on January 14th. Music critics are beginning to have their say about ‘High Hopes.’ The reviews have been mixed. Here’s a roundup.

“….The cumulative effect of this mass of old, borrowed, blue and renewed – covers, recent outtakes and redefining takes on two classics–is retrospect with a cutting edge, running like one of the singer’s epic look-ma-no-set-list gigs: full of surprises, all with a reason for being there….” — Rolling Stone

“…Perhaps the real story of High Hopes is that Springsteen is only trying to keep busy. There’s a lot of great stuff on here, but it doesn’t hold together and doesn’t come close to being one of Springsteen’s great albums….” — The Telegraph

“…. It is essentially what it seems — a collection of covers, live favorites and lost songs, all given a revamp. There are some pieces of gold and silver to be found, but the chunks of junk thrown into the mix turn the album’s high hopes into a frustratingly inconsistent reality….” — New York Post

“….Somewhere between a gift for fans and a placeholder until his next album of new material comes along, Bruce Springsteen’s “High Hopes” is an ultimately winning collection of newly recorded covers and refreshed, previously released material….” — Wall Street Journal

“….If “High Hopes” were a new model year car, it would be a midsize six cylinder with factory hubcaps, good gas mileage and just enough spunk to zip past the wood-paneled minivans on the two-lane. Something that looks pretty good, runs extremely well and hums, but certainly isn’t going to turn heads of Jersey girls combing hair in rearview mirrors on the boulevard (let alone the boys trying to look so hard)…..” — LA Times

“…It’s well within the Boss’ right to try and freshen up old material, especially 18 albums in, but this one lacks a through-line beyond the distracting (and occasionally straight-up embarrassing) Morello. ….” — SPIN

Bruce Springsteen’s ‘High Hopes’ music video is below!

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