Rebecca Black ‘Saturday’ Music Video, ‘Friday’ Follow-up Song

December 7, 2013

Rebecca Black has released her official ‘Saturday’ music video. Featuring Dave Days, it’s the follow-up song — surprise! — to her infamous ‘Friday’ song and video which went viral for all the wrong reasons.

Yes, Rebecca Black is back with a sequel. ‘Saturday’ was released — yes, on Saturday! — and, not surprisingly is going viral.

This time, she has teamed up with YouTube cover artist Dave Days, who just happens to have that name — he did not change it for the collaboration — and, we are now picking up where 2011’s ‘Friday’ left off.

Yes, we’re day 1 into Rebecca Black’s much hoped-for weekend watching as she does lots of weekend activities like hanging out with friends at the beach and partying and singing lyrics: “…. ”This Saturday we gonna party all night/ one we will remember for the rest of our lives./This Saturday we gonna do it bigger than/ we ever have before, I don’t want this Saturday to end!/ I don’t want this Saturday to end!”

Welcome to ‘Saturday.’ There’s even a twerking Miley Cyrus impersonator which just goes to prove that as we awaited the sequel we were not caught in some sort of time warp, we did make it to the present day and all of our present day pop cultural checkpoints. And there are more than a few visual references to the original ‘Friday’ video to give us that Throwback Thursday vibe.

We suspect at some point we will arrive at ‘Sunday.’ It could be a very long weekend. It might even be followed by an even longer week until we finally get back to….

Yes, ‘Friday’ the song — named after the hapless day of the week — which arose from Patrice Wilson’ Ark Music Factory, was Rebecca Black’s gateway to international fame and, unfortunately with it scorn and mockery even as she parlayed her accidental fame into a music career releasing more singles and delivering some television performances along the way on such shows as ‘America’s Got Talent.’

Watch below as Rebecca Black now gives us our guided tour through ‘Saturday.’ The whole day from morning to night, condensed into just four minutes!

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