Kerry Washington Pregnant: ‘Scandal’ Star Expecting First Child with Husband Nnamdi Asomugha

October 30, 2013

Kerry Washington is pregnant, according to reports. The star of ‘Scandal’ and her husband, NFL player Nnamdi Asomugha, are said to be expecting their first child.

The 36-year-old actress, who portrays Washington, DC crisis management specialist Olivia Pope on the wildly popular ABC TV drama, ‘Scandal,’ has been married for just a few months to 32-year-old Nnamdi Asomugha of the San Francisco 49ers. The couple had a wedding in Idaho the traditional month of June, but managed to keep it a secret, and announced it after the fact.

Both US Weekly and People magazine quote unnamed sources who say the star is pregnant; respectively the sources say “She’s about four months along” and “Kerry and Nnamdi are ecstatic.” Her rep has not confirmed the reports to either publication.

Kerry Washington had been rumored for weeks to be expecting especially since some of her recent red carpet appearances, a photo from one of which you can see above. Her figure-concealing empire waist dress on that occasion and other occasions — such as her recent appearance on ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live,’ which you can see below — have led to speculation that she might be using the extra fabric to hide a baby bump. Such speculation has become incessant, perhaps even inconsolable, as is often the case. Regardless of the reason, her fans and followers can’t help but notice that the demure dresses which hark back to the 1950s are a departure from the star’s usual figure hugging attire.

Speculating has ensued over the season 3 of ‘Scandal’ which sees her Olivia Pope character having a secret affair with the fictitious U.S. President. Might a pregnancy and love child figure into that fictional world?

Kerry Washington will be hosting ‘Saturday Night Live’ with musical guest Eminem. There will be spoofs on ‘Scandal’ and Olivia Pope along with the usual political fodder. No doubt, unless and until such time as the official confirmation one way or the other is made, the speculation and the fervent search for signs of a baby bump will continue!

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