Alec Baldwin and Miley Cyrus Interrupt Edward Norton’s SNL Monologue! (Video)

October 27, 2013

Poor Edward Norton could not get through his Saturday Night monologue without interruption by Miley Cyrus, her tongue and her tour announcement! Alec Baldwin showed up to give him hosting advice! It was a crowded stage!

What’s a SNL host to do? In this case share the stage! The 44-year-old Edward Norton explained that it was his first time hosting the show, and that executive producer Loren Michaels had first asked him to host in 2000. He said he told Michaels he was a Method actor and he needed time to prepare. How much time? He said he needed 13 years!

Veteran host Alec Baldwin wanders in to offer some advice. He gave him the Alec Baldwin SNL Warmup for Dramatic Actors. After spoofing dramatic turns, and facial cues The actor, whose Oscar-nominated role as a reformed skinhead ‘American History X’ solidified his fame, then revealed himself to be capable of the comedic impressions Baldwin asked him to do, including Woody — he did both Woody Allen and Woody Harrelson.

Miley Cyrus just happened to wander in wearing a midriff-length white T-shirt and dark skirt. One might be forgiven for saying she “came in like a wrecking ball,” as that is pretty much what she did! She said, “Real quick I’d just like to announce that I’m about to go on tour.” After the applause died down, she then offered “Miley’s three rules.” Have fun, keep your energy up and stick your tongue out. Oh, yes, she demonstrated that last tip.

But mainly she announced her tour, just three weeks after her dual hosting and musical guest gig on the show. Alec Baldwin, not to be outdone in shameless self-promotion, plugged his new talk show on MSBC, not once but twice.

Later, Miley Cyrus Tweeted to her 14+ million followers about her tour: “I’m gooooing on tooooooour!! #Bangerz2014Tour”

Thus went Edward Norton’s debut hosting of ‘Saturday Night Live,’ after his 13 years of prep! See the replay below!

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