Katy Perry: Her ‘Celebrity Crush,’ Meaning of ‘Roar,’ Photos in W Magazine

October 22, 2013

Katy Perry has much to say about her boyfriend, John Mayer (“I am dating my celebrity crush”), how she has met and overcome struggles, and even shares some thoughts about her first hit song “I Kissed a Girl” and much more in W Magazine. Plus she’s in a 1950s style sweater girl photo spread!

Yes, Katy Perry not only gives a revealing interview — on the highs and lows of her life — but the sexiest photo spread ever with sweaters. With the right sweater, a buxom and curvaceous body who needs to be topless?!

Yes, her new album, ‘Prism,’ is out, and with it, the usual floodgate of publicity. It’s her first since ‘Teenage Dream’ which produced several chart-topping singles, including the title track. She’s back, this time more reflective and mature, artistically and personally and she has much to share.

Katy Perry gives some startling and quite frank answers to the typical interviewer questions. She speaks about her latest hit, “Roar,” in some extended remarks that some may interpret as having to do with her divorce from Russell Brand. But what she says — and to look back at the song in the context — is insightful. Sure it’s a fun, bouncy tune, as was its music video, filled with tigers and other jungle animals — and her spirited live performance on SNL complete with backup singers dressed as these same critters — but there’s a depth to it, what do we mean when we “roar.”

Katy Perry herself, shares her take on the lyrics of a song she says is “about sticking up for yourself.” She goes on to say, “People talk about bullying, but you can be your own bully in some ways. You can be the person who is standing in the way of your success, and that was the case for me. I was having a great professional streak, but personally, I was really immature, so I had to balance those things out…If you are not happy with something, you should change it. So I went to a lot of therapy, and finally, I am able to speak up for myself: You are going to hear me roar!”

We now know a bit more about her signature song, “I Kissed a Girl.” She had this to say: “It was a bit radical to sing about bisexuality, but it was a topic that was on the tip of everybody’s tongue. And even though it was ‘I kissed a girl, and I liked it, and that’s what I like to do sometimes,’ I sang it with a wink. It may be a fun little pop song, but sometimes fun little pop songs most clearly express the zeitgeist.”

She gave a cheerfully enthusiastic answer to what’s become a shopworn interview question. These days, it seems we must know about the crushes our favorite celebrities have on other celebrities. It’s a somewhat meta-question, after all, since these are the celebrities that we, the non-celebrities have crushes on. Suddenly it’s the great equalizer, we have our crushes, and they do too.

Katy Perry blows up the meta-question by saying, “I actually am dating my crush. I had a crush on him for a long time, and it just so happens we fit together great.” A happy ending for Katy Perry, with John Mayer. As for married life — she was asked about this, too — she reflected, “Of course. I really loved [being married]. It was a new, fun, exciting journey. But I like how I am now, and I think all things happen for a reason.”

Indeed they do. See the full interview and the sexy photo spread here. You can also see the video excerpts of the interview below.

Pictures: PR Photos

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