Avril Lavigne’s ‘Let Me Go’ Music Video, with Husband Chad Kroeger

October 15, 2013

Avril Lavigne’s music video for “Let Me Go,” the duet with Chad Kroeger, her husband, has debuted. Visually absorbing, the couple’s performance captures the emotional intensity of the lyrics.

The Canadian singer-songwriter Avril Lavigne, 29, and fellow Canadian, Chad Kroeger, 38, singer-songwriter and frontman of Nickelback, got married in July. She was previously married to Sum 41 fronman Deryck Whibley.

Musical collaborations were always a part of their courtship. This latest, “Let Me Go,” is the third official single from Lavigne’s forthcoming self-titled fifth studio album. Kroeger produced and co-wrote it with Lavigne. He contributed to several of the tracks, and was among the co-writers of the album’s lead single, “Here’s to Never Growing Up.”

The single, “Let Me Go,” was released just a week before the video, which also had sneak peek preview on “Good Morning America” prior to its official release on VEVO.

@AvrilLavigne Tweeted her 13+ million followers: “So excited to share my #LetMeGoVideo, featuring my husband Chad Kroeger, with everyone!!!”

The music video is highly cinematic with a setting in a mansion interior with regal yet dusty decor that evokes the 18th century and has fallen into disrepair and negligence. Avril Lavigne is attired in a flowing dark gown and seated at a grand piano. A mysterious grey-haired man, looking ancient and tired drifts in, like an apparition of a dreaded future, with a guitar, and is later revealed to be Chad Kroeger.

The power ballad’s searing lyrics speak of regret and escape from the past — “I’m breaking free from these memories / Gotta let it go, / just let it go” — and yet hope, “There’s only one thing left here to say / Love’s never too late..”

Avril Lavigne’s eponymous album is due out November 5th. Watch the evocative ‘Let Me Go’ video below.

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