Tom Hanks, Sandra Bullock Recreate ‘Big’ Piano Scene (Video)

October 14, 2013

Tom Hanks and Sandra Bullock recreated the famous giant piano keyboard scene from the comedy “Big” before a live audience on The Jonathan Ross Show in the UK and the video has gone viral. It was an unforgettable moment as the stars of two competing movies joined forces!

The famous scene is from the Penny Marshall-directed 1988 comedy-fantasy ‘Big’ in which Tom Hanks portrayed a child in a grown up man’s body, having been granted his wish. He is in New York City’s famed Fifth Avenue toy store FAO Swartz as he plays ‘Chopsticks’ on the giant electronic piano keyboard,

And so it happened that while on The Jonathan Ross Show, there just happened to be such a keyboard. And it so happened that both Oscar-winners were on the show promoting their respective movies. Tom Hanks is the title character of “Captain Phillips,” a bio pic of a 2009 hijacking and kidnapping by Somali pirates. Sandra Bullock alongside George Clooney is a marooned astronaut in “Gravity.” It’s the latter film that has ruled the box office for two weekends in a row even as “Captain Phillips” opened in theaters on the second of those two weekends.

Encouraged by both the host Jonathan Ross as well as the studio audience, Tom Hanks and Sandra Bullock played ‘Chopsticks’ live, as the latter was in high heels yet she hit the notes.

Sandra Bullock had already displayed other hidden talents on the show. It was during her one-on-one interview segment with the host that she revealed she was able to rap as she performed a few of the lines of Sugarhill Gang’s iconic “Rapper’s Delight.” She said she learned the song when she was in high school as she was trying to impress a guy…and succeeded! You can also see that video below.

It’s not every day that two of the biggest stars in Hollywood team up and play ‘Chopsticks’ on a larger-than-life piano keyboard. Check out the video below!

Pictures: PR Photos

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