Prince’s ‘Breakfast Can Wait’ Music Video Premiere

October 12, 2013

When Prince premieres a new music video it’s an event! “Breakfast Can Wait” is the latest from the legendary artist. We may never look at the meal that’s supposed to start the day the same ever again!

The Purple One’s new music video for the sultry R&B song debuted on VEVO and YouTube and went viral in a matter of hours. It’s a tour de force of dance and sensuality, and it earns it title. This sexy scenario takes breakfast off the table, and out of the picture. When a song has such lyrics as “…. -But I just wanted to tell ya, I think you’re great / I know you’re late, but I need another taste / Breakfast can wait!….” it’s clear that the “grits and gravy, cheese eggs and jam” will languish cold on the plate, perhaps for hours.

Its director and star is just 18 years old. She is the dancer Danielle Curiel and she has many onscreen roles. She is seen in a red polka dot mini dress and red spike heels, serving up breakfast, ah, but then, she is a black leather-clad dancer among dancers who are all attired in black, with lace, stockings, and all manner of lingerie-inspired costumes. CJ Salvador is the love interest in the video who shows no interest in the “hotcakes smothered in honey.”

Prince himself never appears in the video. He is portrayed by a female impersonator — none other than Danielle Curiel herself in yet another role — who is seen at times, singing the song as an onlooker, face partly obscured by the fretboard of a guitar. Along the way there’s dazzling choreography by Nicole Kirkland, some of which involves a table. But still, breakfast is not served!

The song, which was originally announced via Prince’s Twitter accounts @3rdeyegirl has also drawn notice for its cover art which features Dave Chappelle portraying him, with imagery and Edwardian style clothing that evokes the “Purple Rain” era.

There is no confirmed word as to whether this new single is part of an upcoming album, which reportedly is titled “Plectrum Electrum.”

Watch below and see just why “Breakfast Can Wait!”

Pictures: PR Photos

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