Lady Gaga Faking YouTube Views

August 22, 2013

Lady Gaga is being accused of faking Youtube views. Ouch. that is just embarrassing. And it is from a legit source, not a “stalker/celebrity blogger.” I kid. Kind of.

Bill Werde, Billboard’s editorial director, sent out a Tweet saying that the pop star is not getting video views in a legit way. Gaga encouraged her fans to watch the music video for her latest single “Applause” by posting a link to the video. But the link lead fans to a video that continuously keeps playing.

Bill Tweeted: “An artist tweeting out and Facebooking a link that enables a fan to hit play and leave their computer is not in the spirit of what we chart.”

Billboard also revealed that fans of Gaga have also been creating playlists which included only ‘Applause’ and playing these on loops, which in turn has added a large numbers of artificial views to the track.

Werde explained that when Billboard discovers artists gaming the system they “stop it.”.

“I hate to see anyone try to game the charts, be it fans or artists. It’s not in the spirit of what we do, celebrating success.” Gaga’s single his not doing well at all. It has dropped on the charts since it came out and honestly, it sucks. It is awful! It has been dropping since it was revealed that she was gaining fake video views, and currently sits at number 6 on the Billboard Top 100 chart.


If you want a good laugh, check out Rolling Stone’s 10 weirdest influences in Lady Gaga’s Applause video. It looks like they took more in pulling it together than she put into the song.

What do you think about Applause and Lady Gaga getting fake video views?



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