Teresa Giudice Tries To Avoid Jail

August 15, 2013

By now you have heard: the Giudice’s are in trouble. In fact, they could face up to half a century in prison! This is serious business for the couple, who have been under fire by the media for quite sometime for Joe’s alleged sketchy business dealings.

They became villains on their reality show, and it seems they have become villains in real life. The entire thing fell apart when the public learned that they would be charged with various forms of fraud. The charges stem for filing for loans using fraudulent amounts of income and failing to file tax returns for up to four years.

As for Teresa, early reports state that she is trying to play dumb in order to avoid jail time. A source told RadarOnline that the couple is trying to shift all of the blame in the “scam” to Joe so that she can avoid any actual jail time. They even attempted to offer a plea deal that would leave the real time to Joe, but prosecutors apparently don’t see it that way. Word has it that they are going to make Teresa out to be a kind of co-conspirator in the whole gimmick.

The source said (via RadarOnline):

“Teresa wanted a plea deal that keeps her out of jail so she offered to do anything else but jail time and have Joe serve all of the time in jail. The prosecutor dismissed the deal outright”

“The prosecutor has said that if she wants to plead it out she has to do jail time”

“They believe that the evidence will show that Teresa can’t play dumb. She was in cahoots with Joe and was just as much a part of orchestrating the scam as he was.”

I personally think Teresa is more dumb than anything else, but some of her actions during the last few seasons of her show make me think she is a more calculatingly cold person. This would make sense for what charges she is facing. But it’s hard to tell.

So this time around, she struck out. We’ll see what happens next. Do you think she should do jail time?

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