Kendrick Lamar Disses Lindsay Lohan: Michael Fires Back

August 13, 2013

This isn’t quite like The Empire Strikes Back, but hey, it’s something. Michael Lohan is apparently getting all riled up after a ridiculous lyric was written by some rapper named Kendrick Lamar. Yes, I had to Google him, too.

So the lyric goes:

“Mollies’ll prolly turn these n****s to f***in’ Lindsay Lohan / A bunch of rich ass white girls lookin’ for parties/ Playin with Barbies, wreck the Porsche before you give ‘em the car key”

Wow. How, oh-so-clever. So that lyric most likely won’t earn Lamar a Grammy statue, but it appears that it did earn him a sneer from Lohan’s daddy. He was not very pleased about having his daughter called out, and he said:

“Who cares? He’s an idiot…senseless. What can you say to a moron?”

“I don’t know who this guy is. I ‘ve never heard of him. That says enough about what his opinion is.”

“He wishes he was in as good of a place as Lindsay.”

So this has apparently become the battle of the less than average IQ’s. I’ve never really been a fan of Michael Lohan, and have the opinion that he sort of grabbed the reins and watched Lindsay dive off of a cliff. He then started to fame whore himself and did a couple of strange pseudo-celebrity appearances.

Now all he does is apparently follow Lindsay around from one rehab facility to the next, trying desperately to make a news story out of his daughter.

The latest? Well, this. To even speak to the media about such a douchey subject is just sad. The father of a real celeb wouldn’t even be involved. Right?

So Michael, crawl back into the hole you came from, and please, stop pretending that anyone cares about your opinions.

There, I feel better.

Your thoughts on this?

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