Tameka Foster Loses Custody Play After Accident

August 9, 2013

After Usher’s son nearly drowned in a freak pool accident, Tameka Foster made a quick play at having temporary primary custody. A judge struck down the request, which was more sad than triumphant.

If you know the story, and have any children of your own, it is scary as heck. Usher’s son was swimming at his home when the unthinkable happened. The boy got stuck in the pool drain and was not able to be removed by the woman caring for him. Thankfully, a contractor working at the house was able to pull him free and performed CPR.

That was clearly what saved the boy’s life. By the time paramedics arrived, he was pretty “with it,” and needed to be taken to the hospital for testing to make sure he was alright.

Meanwhile, the boy’s mother apparently freaked out, and filed a motion for an emergency custody hearing. These hearings are pretty typical when something happens to the child in a split custody situation–especially for celebs. We saw some of the same thing for Charlie Sheen and his ex-wife, and others.

So the hearing finally arrived, and Usher and Tameka couldn’t have been more awkward. They both sat awaiting their counsel and apparently refused to make eye contact.

Finally the hearing arrived, and the judge called the event an “awful accident,” and despite Tameka saying the children were in a “dangerous environment,” the case was dismissed.

Along with her issues with the accident, Tameka complained to the court that she was not kept informed about what the children were doing, or even who was caring for them. She said that there were many changes in their lives that she was not made aware of.

Usher claims that he did his best to send her an email about their week, and that she was always kept in the loop.

Overall, this thing is pretty sad. She ended up in tears and being denied any changes to their custody arrangement.

Sad case. We’re just glad the boy is alive.

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