Fans React As Jenny McCarthy Joins The View

July 20, 2013

The View has proven to be more than your average morning talk show, with a pretty healthy share of controversial hosts at the helm. Their latest choice — adding Jenny McCarthy to the mix — is not all that surprising, but it has led to some intense backlash.

You may know her from her days with Playboy, or her marriage to Jim Carrey. Either way, she has a name recognition. But more recently, her notoriety has come from some strongly held views on vaccinations and even autism.

As soon as the announcement went public, the jokes and reactions poured in via Twitter. Some of them seemed to poke fun at her claim that vaccines caused her son’s autism, even though as THR points out, that has been disproven.

Some of the usual jokers made their mark on the decision, like Jon Lovett, who chimed in with “The View, Brought to You by the Measles, Mumps, and Rubella…” and “Congrats to Jenny McCarthy on The View! We’re proud to have one of our best allies in such a prominent position.” – communicable disease.”

Other seemed a little more serious. A guy named Harry Enten said “ABC and the View should be ashamed of themselves. Jenny McCarthy deserves to be on some History conspiracy show, not network television.”

One thing is clear, it got people’s attention. Good, bad, or in between, the show is once again making waves.

Most of the trouble seems to be that people think the moms watching the show will begin to espouse her views on vaccinations, which they fear might lead to obvious health concerns. If millions tune in and buy into her “view,” they could make similar choices for their kids.

It’s a stretch, but I guess I understand. Do you think she is a bad choice?

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