Justin Bieber Pants: Fashion Fail!

July 13, 2013

Okay, Biebs. We love you. Or at least we did, until you went all wannabe thug on us. But for the time being, we accept that you are trying to find a niche for yourself after you stop being such a teeny-bopper heart throb.

Justin Bieber Pants

Photo: Twitter (Justin Bieber)

But one thing we can’t accept is trying to combine sagging pants with skinny jeans. Seriously, it looks ridiculous. This pic from your tour for instance, is just plain silly.

Yes, people wear outlandish outfits on stage because you are in kind of a caricature of yourself when you are up there, but this just plain embarrassing.

This pair of pants deserves a major fashion fail stamp because it almost looks like a pair of overalls that were folded down in front of you.

Make the decision: skinny or sagging. Not both! Fail!


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