Lindsay Lohan Reality Show – For Real This Time!

July 12, 2013

Okay. It’s been about a day or so since we have heard of something asinine out of the Lindsay Lohan rehab drama. Well, she may have actually scored her first real work in a while by landed an actual reality show. Now let’s just see if she doesn’t screw it up, right?

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It actually sounds pretty compelling. Most of the information we get on Lindsay is through nasty little celebrity news updates (sigh). This time around, we are learned that OWN is picking her up for an 8-episode series about her recovery from addiction and her attempts to rebuild her career (what career)?

Anyway, there may be a slight hang up as it relates to the beginning of filming. You see, Lindsay says she will be leaving her rehab center at the end of the month, but the people there really think she needs another thirty days. You think??

RadarOnline cofirms this with a source, saying:


“The treatment team wants Lindsay to stay for at least another 30 days, because she didn’t do her entire 90 days at Cliffside…”

“Someone with her addition and psychiatric issues needs extensive treatment and 90 days just isn’t enough. She is in a really good place right now, but her doctors want that to continue.”


Alright, so she didn’t do the full 90 days, and everyone is guessing that she didn’t do a dramatic turn around like we had hoped. It’s unclear whether or not she will be required to stay, or if she can simply walk out the front door. Either way, it seems that as soon as she leaves, her train wreck of a life will begin to be taped by a reality film crew.

I am all over this one. If anything, it will clear up how she really is. I know reality TV is scripted and full of contrived stuff, but I just want to see her in a candid situation. It will be different than simply hearing about her wild behavior.

Will you tune in?

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