Kristen Stewart Paris Fashion Week: Fashion Fail!

July 8, 2013

So she isn’t exactly known for her outstanding choices of attire, but this one is just horrendous. She showed up to an event at Paris Fashion Week looking like a back-up dancer to an old Madonna video. The pic below is not the one in question, but is ugly anway.


It’s one thing to try to be high fashion, and it’s just another to get dressed while you’re high. I’m not sure which one she was attempting, or both, but it’s terrible.

It looks like she threw on leggings, a pair of bloomer undies, and an old lady’s bra. This is something that even the Twi-hards would have trouble forgiving. I’m sure some real lip-biting was going on when she tried it on, and maybe she was distracted from the out-of-touch look.

She needs to give back her grandmother’s lingerie, and seriously put on a pair of jeans and tank for goodness sake.

There, I’m done. Now check out this highly offensive Fashion Fail over at Celebrity Dirty Laundry.


Pictures: PR Photos

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