Baby North West Photos Sell for Over $3 Million?

July 5, 2013

Honestly, I still can’t believe that they named their baby North West. And I wont believe it until that magazine cover comes out with the pic on front to prove it!


kim kardashian baby

Photo Credit: PR Photos

The photos of baby North West have yet to be sold and Kim and Kanye think that they can get top dollar for them. They have even turned down a $3 million offer! That is insane! Honestly, I hope they donate the money they make off their kids pics to a children’s charity or something cause that is just gross.


Uggh. Angelina and Brad raked in a reported $15 million for the photos of Knox Leon & Vivienne Marcheline Jolie-Pitt, another $4.1 million for Shiloh and $2 million for Pax. But of course they also reportedly donated it to charity.

Jennifer Lopez got a whopping $6 million for her twins. Granted everyone is dying to see Kim and Kanye’s baby so I can imaging they will get a pretty nice price. Or they can keep it classy and share the photos like normal people. Ha!

Radar Online reports:

“Kanye was up for taking Kim to one of Beyonce’s shows. Her Mrs. Carter Show World Tour was at Staples Center June 28 and July 1 and Kim was definitely ready to get out. It was Kris who talked her out of it because there is no way Kim would not have been seen and photographed and that would have driven down the price on the official photos.”

Wow that is just sad, if it is true of course. I mean, I’ve been a new mom and I wouldn’t choose to go out to something like that just yet – but to NOT do it because of money – when you are LOADED? that is why I think Kris Humphries didn’t fit in – he called them out on their BS. Throwing Kourtney’s coupon book on the roof was mean, but he had a point – she is a millionaire! get over yourself!

What do you think baby North West’s photos will sell for? And what about this business that Kanye won’t change diapers???

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