Mariah Carey Lip Synching Scandal Part Two!

July 1, 2013

Okay, okay. Mariah Carey is widely regarded as one of the most amazing vocalists ever. She does the whistle register that only a few women can do. But does she even sing live, anymore?

The jury is still out, but for the second big performance in a row, fans are shaking their heads. The most recent was at the BET Awards this week. MC apparently did a terrible job of faking it.

RadarOnline got the scoop on this one, and quoted some fan reactions from Twitter:

“@beachsax11 Jeezy so shady. Talkin bout RIP to mariah Carey vocals. Died in the 90s. All that lip synching. I’m so disappointed.

@ITZME_MYIAH OHHH so i wasnt bugging… Mariah Carey is horrible at lip syncing lol.

@Mariah Facini I don’t even understand why Mariah Carey even came to the BET awards. she lip synced the entire time.”

Ouch. You know you are a real fan when the name “Mariah” is in your Twitter handle.

Prior to the BET show, she did a medley of her greatest hits on American Idol that was just plain awkward.

As for the video, it is pretty obvious. They even cut away right in the beginning when she screwed up the mouthing of the words. How annoying.

I’m not sure that is even a real mic. She is so far in the back of the stage with all kinds of shiny things to distract the crowd with.

But, hey, who really cares? It’s Mariah right? And so far, she isn’t denying it. So that means something.

Check out the video you think she is lip-synching?

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