Kate Gosselin Racist Twitter Pic: Fashion Fail

June 24, 2013

Sure, most people can’t stand the sound of her voice (especially her ex-hubby), but is she actually racist? Well, there is a photo Kate Gosselin posted on Twitter this week that has left some people shaking their heads.

But the real question is…can she even BE racist toward Asian people. I guess even an Asian person can, but this woman literally has more than half a dozen half-Asian children. And obviously the majority of them have the distinctive facial features and skin tone. So does that give her a pass?

In the pictures she is wearing something on her head that almost gives her Sumo fighter hair. Then she is pulling her eyes to the sides to make them look “slanted” or “squinty.”

I don’t know folks, she definitely earns a fashion fail for this one, but I’m on the fence about the racist part.

Your thoughts?


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