Joel Madden Busted With Weed!

June 11, 2013

Good Charlotte member Joel Madden was almost cuffed and stuffed down under. Okay, that sounded a little overboard, but it really happened. Here are the deets:

Some may know him as Mr. Nicole Richie, others may have heard the one or two songs decent enough to make radio play from his band. Either way, he is now making headlines for being caught with weed.

It all went down in Australia at a hotel in Sydney, Australia called the Darling Hotel. Here is what Joel said happened:

“The police were called and responded. Sydney is is [sic] my adopted home and i appreciate the way the NSW police handled the situation…They have informed me there will be no charges. I hope this didn’t cause too much drama for anyone.”

So it may turn out that the only negative effect of the bust was getting kicked out of the hotel. So far, there is no confirmation that he won’t be charged, but that seems to be the case.

The hotel manager wasn’t shy about the situation, and told the media:

“Joel Madden was ejected from the hotel because a small amount of cannabis was found inside his hotel room…In Australia there is a 0 tolerance for this no matter where you are.”

Who would have known that the Aussie’s were so strict. Even in the United States we are started to relax marijuana laws, but I guess they don’t see it that way down there.

The one thing that strikes me in this story is that Joel kept it classy. He all but thanked the law enforcement officers who busted him. That’s a welcome change from the cavalier attitude that most celebs take when they are on the wrong side of the law.

We’ll see if he ever gets charged once this all shakes out.

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